Important Elements to Your Exercise Program

The elements of physical fitness are the same no matter what your age: endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, core function, and balance.

As we age, it becomes even more important to maintain a consistent exercise program with these elements. Our bodies become more prone to disease and injury. Just thirty minutes of exercise a day promotes new cell growth throughout all the organs and tissues in our bodies.

A favorite quote of mine is “We make time for what is important to us!”

Ask yourself, “Do I want to live a long and healthy life?” Almost everyone will answer yes to this question. If you answered yes, PLEASE give yourself the gift of time. Schedule an appointment with YOU and make time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Look at your calendar for the month in advance and write down when you will exercise. We do this for a hair cut, a doctor’s appointment, meetings and parties! Make living a healthy life a priority!

Initially, you may need a little extra motivation and direction. Seeking the support and expertise of a certified personal trainer will help you to develop an exercise program that combines all the important elements. MAKE TIME FOR YOU! Those who love you will be happy you did! YOU will be happier too!

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