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Age Management - Hormone Replacement TherapyLifeLogic is an age management practice. What has heretofore been considered by mainstream medicine “normal” aging (e.g. erectile dysfunction,  decreased libido, abdominal fat, etc.) we believe can be successfully treated. At LifeLogic we use a combination of hormone therapy, diet, and exercise in a preventative approach to enable our patients to maintain a vigorous, healthy, and youthful lifestyle. Our goal is to prevent disease and the complications of “normal” aging, not treat them after they develop.

The foundation of our therapy is the restoration of deficient hormones to youthful levels. It is well known that as we age our levels of hormones decline, which leads to the many symptoms and debilitating illnesses of aging. By restoring levels of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid hormone, and growth hormone to the levels we had in our youth, along with proper diet and exercise, many of these symptoms and illnesses, if not all, can be greatly alleviated or possibly even eliminated, leading to a longer, healthier, and more productive life.

We do not require a contract and your are under no obligation to continue therapy – you may stop any time. Cost of individual therapy varies widely depending on the goals and desires of the patient and we can discuss this more in depth at your initial consultation.

LifeLogic Welness Age Management Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Lake Suzy and Fort Myers, Florida

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